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We've worked hard to make sure Hickory Springs clients receive the best possible customer care, which is why our phone system is manned entirely by live service agents. Our helpful, well-trained representatives provide nationwide support, handling your concerns and claims from beginning to resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mattress will work with the Transitional Sleep series? The Transitional bases are compatible with most foam and innerspring mattresses and can be used with the custom-built Perceptive Sleep mattress by Hickory Springs


Can you attach a headboard and footboard to the adjustable base? Yes - with the headboard brackets (sold separately) you can easily attach a headboard or footboard to the base. The base was also designed to fit inside a bed frame to integrate with your existing bedroom furniture. 


Where can I find accessories and replacement parts? You can purchase Transitional adjustable base accessories and or replacement parts by contacting the HSM Call Center.



What is the zero-gravity position? The “zero gravity” position is where your head is slightly raised and feet are above the heart. This position can be helpful for relieving back pain and improving circulation.


What is the bed weight limit? The rated weight capacity for the TS 150 is a total of 620 lbs, 700 lbs for the TS 250 and 800 lbs for the TS 300 (including the weight of the mattress.)



Where do I locate the serial number for registration?

The serial number is located on the back of the wired remote control for the TS 150 and inside the battery compartment of the wireless remote controls for the TS 250 and TS 300. 

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